Pediatric Dentistry

Your heart melts when you see your child smiling. Every parent wants to keep the beautiful smile of your little ones bright and healthy. The Pediatric Dentistry practiced at One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove, NY offers extensive dental services to kids of all ages ranging from infants to adolescents. We aim to provide the most advanced treatments to our little patients.

It takes time for children to become comfortable in a dental office. Our dental team works at the pace of your child, allowing them to get accustomed to the dental care before undergoing any procedure. We use hands-on demonstrations to help understand their dental procedures to alleviate fear and anxiety. With this personalized approach, our Pedodontist (child’s dentist) Dr. Nora Nakshabendi keeps a close eye on the oral health of children. We ensure your kid is receiving the right treatment to keep their smile healthy and strong.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

The teaching, research, and practice of preventive oral care in kids right from birth through their teenage years is known as pediatric dentistry. A pediatric dentist (or pedodontist, or a child’s dentist) has special knowledge about hygiene and other issues important for children and their oral health care. Children should visit a pediatric dentist at least once every six months for a pediatric dental exam. These exams reduce the chance of diseases and keep your teeth and mouth healthy throughout life. 

What Happens on Your Child’s First Visit?

It is important to have a great first experience with pediatric dentists as it will shape their bond and oral hygiene habits. Once your child’s first teeth begin to erupt, it is time for his/her first visit. At One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove we have a child-friendly dentist office with things that make the environment more welcoming for kids during their dental procedures. 

On your child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist, your kid’s teeth and mouth are examined. The dentist may advise getting X-rays to check the positioning of the permanent teeth under gum lines. The crucial most things during the first visit are to educate the parents on the appropriate cleaning techniques, nutrition habits, and good oral hygiene. 

There are protective treatments for your child that protect their teeth from bacteria and cavities and can last few years until their permanent teeth begin to erupt. Such treatments include fluoride application or sealants which are easy and quick procedures. As the teeth of your kid develop, routine checkups become necessary as they can help us detect any dental issue at an early state that makes corrective or preventive measures possible. Timely action may prevent dental issues from escalating to advance stages and costly and painful treatments. 

Are your kid’s permanent teeth begun to erupt? If yes, bring them to One and Truly Dental to see our pediatric dentist at Glen Cove, NY for a dental checkup.

What are the Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry?

One and Truly Dental offers a complete family dentist clinic for you. You can find adult and kid dentists under one roof. Your child will receive special care which only a pediatric dentist can give. There are certain issues, concerns, and conditions that only pedantic dentists can handle for kids. 

Bringing a child to the dentist is a daunting task. Children are hardly cooperative when they visit dentists and that’s why you need a specialist who can be patient with them. They use special tricks and techniques to make children more comfortable and less worried. 

Provide Comprehensive Dental Care for Infants, Children, and Adolescents at Glen Cove, NY

Our pediatric dentists at One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove, NY are trained to take care of kids with special health needs. The visit will be customized to your child’s unique needs and conditions. Our pediatric dentists at Glen Cove offer a wide range of services for children to keep their teeth as healthy as possible. The various services include, but not limited to:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride varnish
  • Preventative care
  • Regular hygiene
  • Filling cavities
  • Habit correction
  • Tracking growth & development
  • Athletic mouthguards

Visit your Local Children’s Dentist Today

Our dentistry solutions are developed to improve the oral health of your child and contribute to their overall well-being. If you are in search of an affordable pediatric dentist in Glen Cove or a nearby area who will keep you informed about the child’s oral health, then specialists at One and Truly Dental are there for you. We would be glad to become your one-stop dental clinic and assist you and your kids to attain and maintain ultimate oral health.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s dental health, call us to book an appointment today!

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