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Our Mantra: “Less Dentistry is the Best Dentistry”

Where Impeccable Dentistry Meets Advance Technology

Dentist in Glen Cove. We are a multi-specialty dentist office in Glen Cove with a dedicated team of doctors including a general and cosmetic dentist, periodontist, implant specialist,  pedodontist (pediatric or child dentist), endodontist (root canal specialist), and an oral surgeon. We use the latest technology (Lightwalker AT Dental Laser, iTero 5D scanner, CBCT scanner, etc.). 

Our mantra is “Less Dentistry is the Best Dentistry.” In particular, we specialize in minimally-invasive biomimetic dentistry which is an advanced field of dentistry to preserve your tooth as much as possible (learn more here).  We believe in minimized treatments, and in particular, minimize cutting teeth for crowns and root canal via biomimetic treatments. We are one of the very few practices in the NY metro area that offer these very innovative and advanced biomimetic treatments. 

We maintain high standards of hygiene when it comes to treating our patients. We have invested in the following state of the art equipment.

  1. 1. Lightwalker AT dental laser which facilitates anesthesia-free treatments, snoring treatment (NightLase), many cosmetic treatments e.g., lip enhancement (LipLase), facial rejuvenation (SmoothLase),  and overall better treatment outcomes due to extreme precision and speed of the laser treatments.  Read more here.
  2. 2. For dental imaging, we use the latest iTero 5D Scanner, CBCT Scan, Digital X-rays, and Oral Cameras.
  3. 3. To reduce the spread of generated vaporizers and thus prevent Covid transmission, we have an (i) Oral Suction Unit, which is equipped with UV-C Irradiation and Plasma sterilization, (ii) Specialized (Molekule) Air Purifiers in each room, (iii) Air Ionizer for the office (G3 Series Air Ionizer). We use N95 masks and if needed, provide them to the patients.

We proudly provide quality dentistry to the areas around Glen Cove, Glen Head, Locust Valley, etc. We are proud to back most of our dental treatments with a 2 to 5 year warranty. 

Our Dental Services

One and Truly Dental is a dentist office in Glen Cove, providing you with a complete range of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, Biomimetic Services, and Periodontics dentistry. Our focus is to improve a patient’s dental health and bring a smile to his face.

Cosmetic Dentist Services

Say yes to a dazzling smile with our world-class cosmetic dentist service in Glen Cove.

Biomimetic Services

Say yes to a dazzling smile with our world-class cosmetic dentist service in Glen Cove.

General Dental Services

Maintain your child’s oral health with our specialized Pediatric Dentistry in Glen Cove.

Dental Imaging

Our doctors are specialized in the treatment of Periodontal diseases.

Oral Surgery

Replace your missing teeth with artificial tooth roots known as dental implants.

Periodontal Treatments

Treat your malpositioned teeth and get a beautiful smile for life. 

Pediatric Dentistry

Your heart melts when you see your child smiling. 

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Meet Our Team 

Dr. Chitvan Gupta

General, Cosmetic, and Biomimetic Dentist

Dr Nora Nakshabendi

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Iyman Elashmawy

Periodontist, Implant Placement

Dr. David Hom

Associate Dentist

Beth Teper


Nazin Akbarova



Office Manager

Suraj Joshi

Office Assistant


Dental Assistant

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What Our Clients Says?

Clotilde Adrian

They have been so nice and sensitive to my needs. Beth the hygenist has performed miracles with my teeth and really cares about me. It shows. I love working with them. I drive all the way from bethpage and it’s a 35 min drive without traffic. This is how much I love them. To find a practice that works with you is priceless.

Tom Dej

A great dental practice with a knowledgeable and caring doctors and staff. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Equipment is up to date and office and all treatment areas are carefully cleaned and maintained. I’m very confident and comfortable receiving care from Dr Gupta and her entire staff

Ali Bajwa

This is my second trip here in as many weeks (we have 4 children), and the staff are wonderful, knowledgeable and very component. Front desk to hygienist to dr Gupta- all have been extremely professional and helpful, Dr G has been great at diagnosing problems immediately (unlike some dentists that probe and probe away!). I would certainly recommend this clinic to others.

Chad Grossman

You won’t find a better place to get your dental work done. Super friendly and very professional. Honesty is always of utmost importance when getting dental work done and that’s what you’ll get here along with fair prices and great results! Thanks to everyone. Highly recommend!

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Our dentist office welcomes all patients (including, children) in need to dental care. You will receive personalized and compassionate care with great outcomes. We like to become your next dental home. Whether you have a query or want to schedule an appointment, we are always happy to help.

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We have flexible working hours, and try to accommodate everyone. 


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