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Beth Teper


A graduate from SUNY Farmingdale with an associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene, Beth keeps herself updated by attending various courses to advance her knowledge of dental hygiene and dentistry. Patients love her for her excellent clinical skills including gentleness and thoroughness. Beth engages with patients and children with disabilities. She believes in understanding the needs of the patients and teaches them to maintain optimum oral health. Beth takes pride in her role as a dental hygienist and is always ready to greet her patients with a smile.

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Nazrin Akbarova


Nazrin is a great recent addition to our team. She considers hygiene to be her weakness as well as strength. She grew up with a strict sense of order and structure; for example, her wardrobe is arranged by colors, books are in alphabetic order, Alexa echo dots all have the same volume and lemons grow symmetrically on her indoor tree. She considers hygiene to be not only a state of cleanliness or neatness, but also a representation of health and nirvana of tranquility. Cleaning the patients’ teeth is a process of mutual healing to her. She wears her magnifying loupes accompanied with 500 lux light where she can see every tiny black dot, unseen to a naked eye, and clean it to an impeccable form. She has a bachelor’s in Microbiology, and a Dental Hygiene degree from NY City Tech. Besides English, I also speak Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani.

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Romina Lobos

Dental Office Manager

Romina has over 10 years of experience as a dental office manager. She has a passion for dentistry and enjoys helping our patients with everything. Romina is the heart of our practice — and helps our practice to run smoothly and efficiently by making sure our team has everything needed to perform successful treatments. In her spare time, Romina dedicates time to her family while making herself available to our patients’ emergencies after hours.

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Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant, Noemi has been with our practice since 2016. Noemi enjoys the teamwork at our office and is dedicated to patient care. At our practice, she works alongside our office doctors to assist in all dental procedures. She ensures that our patients feel comfortable throughout their entire treatment process and is able to answer any questions they may have about their procedure. When not at the office, Noemi enjoys spending time with her children.

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