Replace Your Broken or Damaged Tooth with Dental Crown at Glen Cove

Natural teeth are composed of phosphorus, calcium, and different minerals in a durable combination. However, with aging, certain diet habits, or oral hygiene may cause their damage. Genetics may play a big role in their durability and development. In certain cases, the original teeth may get weakened or damaged beyond repair and must be strengthened through a restoration process.

Fortunately, with the advancement in dentistry now you have many options to fill in those gaps. Dental crowns are one such option that can be used to restore damaged teeth. It helps to improve your smile’s appearance by covering the uneven or stained teeth. Having a broken or damaged tooth can impact your self-esteem deeply.

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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap or cover that is placed over a damaged tooth to repair and restore its appearance and strength. The crown encased the entire tooth and cemented onto the existing tooth or an implant. It functions just like a natural tooth.

Dental crowns are customized to perfectly into your mouth. It supports the structural integrity of your tooth over which the crown is applied. Normally, a dental crown covers the entire tooth till the gum looks clean and natural. You can hardly tell the difference and your smile becomes more pleasant and healthy.

A cracked tooth or extensive tooth decay can be repaired by the use of dental crowns. Often, crowns are used to cover the tooth that has undergone root canal therapy. They are used to cover the discolored or stained teeth cosmetically. They are also used to improve the appearance of the teeth.

What are the Types of Dental Crown?

Also known as a tooth cap, dental cap, or porcelain jacket, crowns are made from different types of materials, which are:

  • Metal-Alloy & Gold Crowns
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns
  • Ceramic Crowns
  • Resin Crowns
  • Porcelain Crowns

Why do you need To Crown A Tooth?

Dental crowns are capped over the teeth for several reasons. They can restore the normal function of a tooth, like chewing and biting. Besides, they are fitted for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons, enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Individuals experiencing the following dental problems may be a good candidate to get a dental crown:

Extensive Fillings

Although fillings are an advantageous procedure for tooth decay areas, however, there are cases when multiple fillings affect a single tooth or it is covering a large area of the tooth. This leaves only a small part of the original tooth behind that is also unhealthy. In such a case, a dental crown can strengthen the area. The old filling will be removed first before the crown is placed.

Broken or Cracked Tooth

Teeth can also get cracked, fractured, or broken like the hard bones of the body. The raised area or molars can chip and break with biting and chewing movements. These fractures can lead to bacterial invasions resulting in infection and tooth decay. A tooth can also get weak due to other reasons. Dental crowns provide a strong and durable outer tooth covering that is better than the natural composition of the tooth. A broken or chipped tooth can be missing its regular shape and size or maybe worn out, and can benefit largely from a dental crown.

Anchoring a Dental Bridge

When a patient does not want to have a dental implant or a minor surgery, a bridge may be crafted in such cases. A dental bridge replaces a missing original tooth with an artificial tooth and depends on the adjacent teeth on each side to stabilize it. Dental crowns are created to cover three teeth at a time including the missing tooth and the adjoining teeth on either side. They are installed as a single unit.

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