Bone Regeneration

Achieve Your Natural Smile with Jaw Bone Regeneration in Glen Cove

Dental implants are an aesthetic way to replace the missing teeth with strong, natural-looking, and feeling artificial teeth. However, in certain cases, the jawbone may not be strong or significant enough to support implants. Without a stable and healthy jawbone, dental implants cannot be securely placed. 

Restoring a weak or lost jawbone is, however, not impossible.

Fortunately, due to the advancement in modern medicine, the procedure of bone regeneration of the jaw is developed by doctors and researchers using the natural and less invasive technique. 

With advanced bone grafting techniques that help to promote the bone to grow, a stable and strong foundation is made for dental implant placement. Bone grafting can replace missing bone, fill in empty bone structures, and increase bone volume.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a specialized procedure that promotes bone growth in the jaw and healing in a safe and effective way. A bone graft can be made of natural or synthetic materials that are used to make the jaw bone denser. Due to the regeneration ability of bone tissue, bone grafts when placed strategically encourage bone growth. The bone is allowed to heal after the placing of the graft for four to nine months usually. 

How is a Bone Graft Performed?

n case bone graft surgery is needed, the dentist would open the gum tissue and insert the graft in the spaces which require repairs. After the graft is placed and applied, it should be left to heal or regenerate. The elements of the graft material help in the growth of the bone. With time new bone grows which is indistinctive from the original one. 

Healing depends on the patient’s overall well-being and oral hygiene. For example, bone grafts fail badly if the patient is in the habit of smoking. The average time it takes to heal and be ready to receive implants is about six weeks. After the recovery, the bone grows in density and structure, becoming suitable for implant placement.

Sometimes additional steps are required to prepare an area of the jaw for placement of dental implants such as:

  • Sinus Lift: This procedure is performed on the upper back teeth to increase the amount of bone where the implant can be securely placed with appropriate support.
  • Alveolar Ridge Augmentation: This procedure involves bone grafting from other parts of the body to get more surface area and increased bone density.

Which material is used for bone grafting?

The bone graft material depends upon the individual circumstances of patients. In some situations, the best results come by using the bone of the patient for the graft. The bone can be harvested from the hip, within the patient’s mouth, or other parts depending on the amount of bone required. 

In other conditions, bone prepared from synthetic materials or cadavers may be used as the graft. INFUSE® is a new advanced bone graft material that uses bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) to promote bone growth. Moreover, many experienced dentists in Glen Cove use Straumann® AlloGraft Ring for bone grafting. It comprises processed allogenic bone from a donor. In this procedure, dental implant and bone grafting are done in a single procedure. 

At One and Truly Dental, we assess your condition and then discuss various options with you before determining which is best together. 

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