Sinus Elevation

Get a Successful Implant with Minimally Invasive Sinus Elevation at Glen Cove

A lifetime of perfect smiles and good oral health exists only in an ideal world. While dental implants can provide an approach to achieve pleasant smiles, they also need sufficient sized solid bone and density for proper implant placement. Humans have less bone on the upper jaw as compared to the lower jaw. As such, there is no problem except when the upper jaw required dental implants as there is no space available for the same. In such a condition, sinus lift also referred to as sinus elevation or sinus augmentation, is required.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus elevation is a bone grafting dental procedure that prepares the jaw for placement of dental implants. During a tooth loss, the empty tooth socket collapses as it recovers, leaving an area without a tooth behind. This causes loss in width and height of the surrounding bone and makes it impossible to fixate dental implants. 

A dental sinus augmentation treats the area between the molars and premolars in the upper jaw. The area on either side of your nose is filled between the jaw and maxillary sinuses. With lifting of the sinus membrane away from the jawbone, enough space is made for the bone growth to support implants. 

Importance of Sinus Elevation

Sinus lifts are necessary for individuals who wish to have dental implants to restore their upper back teeth. The bone in this area is usually thinner and not suitable for dental implants due to the skull anatomy. Some people have bigger sinus cavities as compared to others and it increases with age which leads to the lack of bone in this area. 

Moreover, bone loss can occur due to severe gum disease and on the loss of teeth, bone loss is natural. If you are without teeth for some time now and just wish to get dental implants then you are likely to suffer the loss of bone. So, it is advised to have dental implants sooner than later to avoid bone loss. 

The sinus augmentation is best carried out by a specialist periodontist to ensure a smooth procedure.

How is A Sinus Lift Performed?

During the sinus augmentation procedure, a small cut is made on the molar or premolar region resulting in jawbone exposure. A minute opening is then cut into the jaw bone and the sinus membrane is shifted upward. Space beneath is filled with bone graft material. With the help of the sutures, the incision is sealed and the process of healing begins. Several months are taken before the bone becomes the jaw’s part and then the implants can be fixed in the new bone. 

If there is not much bone loss between the sinus bottom and upper jaw, then sinus lift and implant fixation can sometimes be performed as a single treatment course. In case of quite an amount of bone loss, the sinus elevation has to be performed first, followed by a graft that needs several months to heal and once it is matured, the implants can then be placed.

A sinus elevation or sinus augmentation is performed at One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove office, under local anesthesia. However, at the request of some of our patients, we may also consider oral or intravenous sedative medication.

What Material is used For Bone Grafting in a Sinus Augmentation?

Thorough examination via X-rays and CT scans is done to determine the customized treatment plan for individuals. Surgeons might use your bone in some cases which are harvested from your mouth or any part of your body like below the knee or hip. While in some cases, synthetic materials are used such as INFUSE. It is an advanced material for bone grafting that involves the usage of a special type of protein to enhance bone growth.

How to Get Started with Sinus Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Chitvan Gupta and our staff would like to discuss sinus elevation surgery with you.

Please call to schedule an appointment for a consultation at the Glen Cove office.

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