Crown Lengthening

Get Rid of Gummy Smile with Crown Lengthening at Glen Cove

A gummy smile is caused when quite a lot of gum tissue is there that covers the teeth. It makes your teeth look too small for your mouth. So, individuals who are seeking to improve their gummy smile with teeth that seem too short, One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove has a solution for you- Crown Lengthening!

Crown lengthening or crown exposure is a procedure that is done to reshape the gums at the base of the teeth. Many conditions require crown lengthening as a restorative treatment. 

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What Is Crown Lengthening?

A cosmetic periodontal surgery, crown lengthening is performed to remove excess gum tissue and sometimes bone to give you a less gummy and more beautiful smile. This exposes the natural tooth structure more. 

Patients at Glen Cove chose One and Truly Dental for their cosmetic periodontal surgery as they are known to use microsurgery techniques that reduce the risk of damage to your jawbone and root of a tooth. This technique offers a more accurate and precise procedure resulting in speedy recovery.

Why Is a Crown Lengthening Necessary?

Crown lengthening procedure is performed when a very small part of your tooth is exposed for a filling or crown. A crown is needed for several reasons, which are:

  • Deformed teeth from birth
  • A broken, cracked, or fractured tooth due to an injury
  • Tooth beset with severe decay
  • To look aesthetically more pleasing

Crown lengthening surgery is required to hold a crown if your tooth is not left enough following an accident or a dental procedure. 

For great results, visit a professional and experienced dentist for the procedure of crown lengthening at Glen Cove.

What is the Procedure for Crown Lengthening?

This procedure is normally carried out under the influence of local anesthesia and a small number of gum tissues are removed through laser treatment easily. The tooth lengthening length depends on the gum tissue removal amount and if bone removal is required at the same time. The tissue around the tooth will only be treated without any risk to the adjacent teeth. 

For a perfect fit between your tooth and crown, at least two to three millimeters of natural tooth structure above the jaw must be present. Your surgeon can lower the jaw bone level around the tooth, in case not sufficient amount of tooth structure is present.

At One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove office extra care is taken while performing the procedure. Reshaping of gums is a quick procedure as the laser immediately seals small blood vessels without the need for any sutures. This treatment involved a very less amount of swelling or discomfort. 

Patients return to their normal routine in a few days post crown lengthening procedure. Full crown lengthening generally takes one to two weeks to recover. You can start taking soft foods and return to work after the surgery. Our dentists at the Glen Cove office will advise you to follow a post-surgical regiment customized to your particular situation. 

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If you are embarrassed by a gummy smile, crown lengthening can redefine your smile and make it aesthetically appealing.

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