Biomimetic Treatments

Our doctors at One and Truly Dental are renowned for providing the best biomimetic dental services.  Conventionally tooth crowning would require a doctor to cut down the entire tooth which can damage the natural tooth structure. This can prompt the tooth to sensitivity and nerve damage, further affecting the natural formation of a tooth. Our Biomimetic Specialists protect you from the damage of conventional methods of dental treatments and provide you with the latest technology to uproot your dental issues without any complications. To your surprise, we take less time as compared to conventional methods of dental treatments.

Biomimetic Dental Services
in Glen Cove

Early signs of decayed and damaged teeth are a signal that it is the time to book an appointment with your doctor. But not everyone takes it seriously. Many patients visit us in severe pain after several months of self medications.  Normally, patients undergoing Biomimetic treatment are more scared than other patients. Reason? It’s just because of ignorance about it.  Dr. Chitvan explains the process to the patients before starting treatment and eliminates their phobia of dental implantation.  Our patients are happier when they walk out of our clinic. 

Biomimetic generally means to mimic bio life. The core intention of biomimetic dentistry is to safeguard the natural teeth and treat the dental problems before they require renovation surgery. We know that every patient is scared of root canals, drills, crown and phobiatic tools of traditional treatment. But the good news is that in Biomimetic treatment you don’t need to get scared at all. Biomimetic treatment is a more natural and preventive approach to dental restoration. As it is a more gentle way to treat your decayed tooth, so Biomimetic treatment is getting more and more traction in the current scenario. Dr. Gupta explains how we are going to address your weak, fractured and decayed teeth through our Biomimetic treatments.

Advanced technology and Material

One and Truly Dental uses state of the art technology to cure your decaying tooth. Unlike traditional methods of dentistry, we don’t use strong and stiff materials rather we preserve the pulp of the teeth by using the modern materials in the biomimetic treatments.

Minimalist Approach

We follow the minimum invasive dentistry approach and avoid any damage to the roots, bones and tooth of the patients. Our goal is to restore the natural teeth of the patients in the most comfortable manner.

Specific Biomimetic Treatments

Biomimetic Filing


This is a “biomimetic” way of filling the tooth cavity, to achieve the above goals. In particular, Dr. Gupta will use a reinforcing polyethylene fiber mesh (if needed) to help distribute force evenly across a compromised tooth, and use layers of biocompatible bonding material that helps avoid shrinkage and eliminates sensitivity.


Biomimetic Inlay/Onlays

This involves taking an impression, having a lab design a ceramic structure, and then finally, bonding the lab-made structure in a Biomimetic manner — using advanced bonding materials and techniques. This Biomimetic treatment is generally recommended when the cavity is deep and the larger tooth structure is destroyed and needs replacement. The traditional treatment may be a filling or a root canal plus crown.



Biomimetic: Tooth Preservation and Conservation Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry treats decayed, fractured, and weak teeth that keeps them strong and seals them from bacterial infection. Biomimetic dentistry around the world has eliminated the option of cutting the teeth for destructive root canal treatments and crowns. It causes minimal discomfort and patients spend less in comparison to the conventional treatment. See the video.

“Less dentistry is the best dentistry”

Biomimetic dentistry is conservative. There are different philosophies or approach towards the Biomimetic dentistry including “less dentistry is the best dentistry” and “there is no dentistry like no dentistry.”

The amputation of the tooth structure can be removed with advancements in modern science. This dentistry involves the preservation and conservation of teeth. It doesn’t need any invasive advanced care as required in traditional dentistry.

Biomimetic means to mimic or imitate nature which is our ideal model. Teeth bend, move, and have force dynamics that must be taken into account while making the tooth with nature as our reference.

The Motivation behind Biomimetic Dentistry: Bonding Technique with Modern Adhesives 

Conventional dentistry involves the destruction of healthy tooth structure to fit in the new restoration. Now we can glue teeth back along with adding missing parts of the tooth reliably without removing the parts of your tooth. The sealing is done to prevent the tooth from bacterial invasion. This helped us to avoid painful procedures involving grooves, slot, pins, post, and other non-adhesive features.

The use of synthetic materials can lead to undesirable results and even catastrophic failures. Traditional dentistry has problems with the structures and engineering failures due to the lack of knowledge and technology to imitate the natural teeth.

With Biomimetic Dentistry, it is possible to re-make the teeth with closely stimulating advanced materials and techniques.

Glen Clove 
Biomimetic Dental Services

Inlays and Onlays 


Our Expertise

We are proud to be one of the very few practices in the NY metro area that offer these very innovative and highly advanced treatments. Dr Gupta is a graduate of Alleman-Deliperi Center of Biomimetic Dentistry, and has had advanced Biomimetic dentistry training from Sardinia Teaching Center, Italy.

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