Save Your Natural Teeth with Apicoectomy in Glen Cove

The patients who receive root canal treatment get rid of the infection and the pain vanishes once the root canal is cleaned thoroughly, disinfected, and filled. However, in rare cases, the infected debris of the root canal remains behind due to the complex canal branches. This trapped polluted matter can re-infect the gums and teeth. At this point, an apicoectomy is suggested by the dentist.

This process of apicoectomy involves the elimination of the infection along the tip of the root. The opening is sealed with sutures to prevent further infection. At One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove, we offer many endodontic procedures to save your infected tooth. Our dentists are experienced in performing an apicoectomy or root-end resection to effectively remove any infection that may have left behind within the tooth pulp.

Are you experiencing pain or swelling even after the recent root canal treatment? Call us for consultation on apicoectomy. 

What is an Apicoectomy?

Apicoectomy or orthograde root canal treatment is an invasive procedure in which the apex of the root tip is removed along with the surrounding infected tissue. A small incision is made on the gum creating a small bony window to expose the apex. Then the infected tissue is removed. On the removal of the tip, space is filled with a biocompatible material that helps to keep the root structure. 

Following apicoectomy, the bone heals naturally around the root and restores the function of the tooth. Most endodontic surgeries take thirty to ninety minutes, depending upon the tooth complexity and the root structure complexity. 

This procedure is performed when the infection persists after root canal therapy. When the tooth has undergone root canal treatment at least once and the re-treatment is either not possible or not successful, then the only apicoectomy is performed.

What to Expect Post Apicoectomy?

You can expect the following after the apicoectomy procedure:

  • Post-surgery bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Pain

It is important to follow the instruction of the dentist after the surgery, which are:

  • Clean the target site
  • Follow prescription
  • Adjust your diet
  • Avoid activities that could lead to the trauma to mouth

What Are The Benefits of An Apicoectomy?

Performed after the failure of the root canal procedure, an apicoectomy offers numerous benefits. It restores the ultimate integrity of the infected tooth. Once the infection is eliminated and the tooth stabilized, this procedure adds many more years to its lifespan. 

Moreover, this procedure is performed beneath the gum line, so the risk of the exposed tooth surface experiencing further damage is minimized as this can result in additional infection. At One and Truly Dental, we have access to advanced digital technology that allows us to determine the site of infection within the tooth and enable us to perform the surgery and providing effective results. 

Maximum Tooth Restoration with Apicoectomy

Here at One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove office, our dentists and staff are dedicated to providing the finest dentistry services with a comfortable experience. We use local anesthesia during this procedure so that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort in any part of your surgery. After the sutures and sealing of the root, we provide direction for the post-surgery procedures to keep your healing process safe and whole. In case of any soreness or pain, immediately call us for detailed recovery instructions. 

Call us and book an appointment if you have any queries regarding the apicoectomy procedure.

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