5D Scanner (iTero 5D)

An Effortless Hybrid Dental Imaging at our Glen Cove

At One and Truly Dental, we are committed to staying ahead of the time when it comes to dental technology in Glen Cove, New York. We invest in cutting-edge tools and technology to strengthen the level of dental care we provide to you. We strive in creating a more comfortable and safe experience for patients. One of such advanced tools is the iTero Element 5D scanner.

Our clinic has recently obtained the most advanced and latest intraoral dentist scan in Glen Cove- the iTero Element 5D. It is the first hybrid dental imaging that can record 3D, NIRI images, intraoral color, and simultaneously compares over time using iTero TimeLapse technology.

iTero Element 5D Dentist Scan, Glen Cove 

The iTero Element 5D scanner is used to take detailed 3D scans of the teeth. It plays a huge role in helping crowns, Invisalign treatment, and other procedures which requires knowing the dimension of the teeth.

It would be oversimplifying the abilities of the iTero Element 5D by saying it is just a tool for digital impressions.

What else iTero Element 5D do?

  • Uses NIRI (near-infrared imaging) to scan the internal structure of the teeth. It makes the detection of interproximal cavities i.e. between the teeth cavities quite effortless.
  • Help to compare how the patient’s teeth have changed over time using real-time TimeLapse technology.
  • Has an outcome simulator. It helps show how the teeth can move with Invisalign treatment.
  • Acts as an intraoral camera and allows easy scanning of the parts of the oral cavity that are otherwise difficult to examine with the help of technology.

Benefits of the iTero Element 5D

This latest dentist scan in Glen Cove has outstanding benefits, such as:

  • Reduce usage of X-rays:
    Though digital X-rays remain an important tool in the field of dentistry, iTero Element 5D’s has the ability to detect hard-to-spot cavities making the X-rays less relevant. So, detecting between the teeth caries during routine appointments can be done by iTero, and no need of using harmful radiations.
  • No Need for Manual Impressions:
    Manual impressions are time-consuming, inaccurate, and uncomfortable for the patients whereas digital impressions are easy, fast, and reliable.

  • More Confident Patients:
    As patients cannot visualize the ultimate results of Invisalign, they hesitate to commit to this treatment. The Element 5D has a fully integrated Invisalign simulation capability that will help you and our dentist team to envision your future smile.

What you can Expect During a Scan?

The iTero Element 5D is the first hybrid dental imaging that is available at One and Truly Dental, Glen Cove, New York. The dental scanning process is an absolute breeze. We activate the machine and insert the wand into the mouth of the patient. We then move it around the oral cavity to search for cavities or capture its digital impression, depending on the purpose of using iTero. The wand does not cause any kind of gagging or discomfort as it is very small.

It’s all About you

One and Truly Dental always strive to offer you the least invasive dental care. The dentist scans at Glen Cove, New York with iTero Element 5D allows us to do the same. This addition to our existing cutting-edge technology has made us truly excited to provide for our patients. Since it is safe and contains no harmful radiation, we scan our every patient’s teeth for comprehensive restoration and prevention at every visit.

We look forward to sharing the iTero Element 5D with you at your future visits.

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